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Each year, the Key West Songwriters Festival auctions off guitars signed by all festival artists. Auction proceeds benefit the BMI Foundation, Michelle's Foundation, and the Key West High School Band. 
2024 auction information coming soon!



A nonprofit founded in 1985, the BMI Foundation supports the creation, performance, and study of music through awards, scholarships, grants, and commissions.

Throughout the year, the Foundation works to administer various scholarship competitions, awards, fellowships and commissions. The final selections for these programs are entrusted to panels made up of some of the world's most distinguished artists and musicians, all of whom volunteer their time and knowledge. The focus of these programs is on American music; however, there are several opportunities open to international students.

The Foundation also awards grants on an annual basis to nonprofit music and arts organizations around the country. The Foundation's artistic advisors review and make recommendations for these awards, which range from the support of classical music groups specializing in contemporary works, to musical theatre programs for inner-city youth, to programs designed to preserve and continue such indigenous American music as jazz and blues.

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Michelle's Foundation

Michelle's Foundation was established in honor of Michelle Keevan Halpern to help children achieve their highest potential. 

With an all-volunteer staff, donations to Michelle’s Foundation directly support a number of activities, including:

Michelle’s Willie Wonka Chocolate Festival: Benefiting the Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys, an all-volunteer, grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to helping cancer patients while they are undergoing treatment;

Michelle Keevan Halpern Center for Learning: Providing at risk students in Monroe County, Florida with free tutoring and learning skills;

Michelle Halpern Scholarships: Giving full tuition scholarships to students in need, many of whom are working to support themselves while attending community colleges and state universities; and

Food for Thought: Offering the last meal of the day for students who need more than meals provided through the federally-funded free breakfast and free lunch programs.

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Key West High School Band

The KWHS Marching Band, under the direction of Gary Hernandez, has been extended the prestigious invitation to be one of only 20 marching bands from the United States to perform in the New Year's Day parade in London England. 

This week-long trip to England will be many band members' first time on an airplane, and many members’ first time traveling out of the state of Florida. The band students will spend time rehearsing and preparing for the main event but will also have the opportunity to tour some of London’s famous landmarks such as Big Ben and Windsor Castle. The parade, hosting over 10,000 performers from across the world and viewed by millions worldwide, will be broadcast live on local PBS stations WXEL and WPBT at 7 a.m. on New Year’s Day. 

While the band will be working hard and holding many fundraising events over the next seven months, the cost per student is $3,565. This per-student cost will cover flights, ground transport, hotel rooms, food, and excursions as well as the cost of sending instruments, and uniforms to London. With nearly 100 students in the band, the total trip cost will be $350,000. The KWHS Marching Band is extremely grateful for all your support. Thank you for helping make this once in a lifetime experience a reality!

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